When Do You Need Us?

On-site financial guidance without the full-time cost

Is your company as profitable as it could be?

When you might use a Virtual CFO

Developing financial analyses to better understand results and make better decisions

Accounting and Financial Analysis

  • Accounting according to GAAP
  • Financial staff assessment, training, management
  • Results analysis
  • Confidential financial projects

Strategic Planning

  • Forward looking strategic planning and implementation
  • Planning for growth
  • Profit and loss projections
  • Cash flow projections
  • Risk and opportunity assessment
  • Acquisition strategy, due diligence
  • Sounding board for owner and department heads

Operations Improvement

  • Key performance indicators – identification, tracking, analysis
  • Organizational structure assessment
  • Systems development – financial, operational, administrative
  • Profit improvement

Financing activity

  • Financing research, application, negotiation
  • Banking/investor relations

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