When Do You Need Us?

On-site financial guidance without the full-time cost

Is your company as profitable as it could be?

When you might use a Virtual CFO

Developing financial analyses to better understand results and make better decisions

  • When you think your company should be more profitable.
  • When you need assistance with strategic planning.
  • When you could benefit from an experienced sounding board for discussing ideas.
  • When you could use some meaningful financial analysis. 
  • When your financial systems do not produce timely and accurate information for reporting purposes and decision-making.
  • When you are spending too much time in accounting and financial management.
  • When your systems that measure operations performance do not produce timely and accurate statistics for the purpose of making informed decisions.
  • When you are not absolutely certain which factors are most important in driving (or limiting) the growth and profitability of your company; how those Key Performance Indicators should be tracked and analyzed; how they should affect your strategy.
  • When your business is growing and you don’t have a growth plan.
  • When you need to find outside financing
  • When you want to develop an effective incentive compensation program to help drive performance and avoid expensive turnover.
  • When you are considering selling your company and you want to put your financial house in order, making your company as attractive and valuable as possible.
  • When you need financial projections and “what if” scenarios to project cash flow, profits, growth and the impact of outside economic factors.
  • When your policies, procedures and internal controls seem loose and you know you need to tighten them.
  • When you would like access to someone who can negotiate with bankers, vendors, regulators, customers, unions or other outside parties.
  • When your financial staff could use guidance and training. 
  • When you would like help identifying risks and opportunities.
  • When you feel like your organization may not be structured in the best way to facilitate growth and efficient operation.
  • When you need an experienced part time CFO.

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