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Whether we are on site at your company’s office or working remotely from ours, a Virtual or Fractional CFO means professional financial management at an affordable cost.

Our company had experienced some nice growth in recent years, but I knew we were not structured to maintain that growth. Virtual CFOs was able to come in, assess our situation, and design a plan and organizational structure that will help us continue to grow in the future. It was good to hear some fresh ideas as well as to get independent confirmation of some of my own thoughts. The process helped me focus those thoughts and ideas, and add structure to my vision for the future. We could not have made this transition without their help.

Anne Cotter

Owner, Cotter Consulting, Inc.

Three years after launching two businesses simultaneously, an interior design firm and a furniture showroom, I was experiencing some growing pains. I realized I needed to strengthen the infrastructure of the two businesses. Virtual CFO’s helped me analyze the areas where we needed improvement. We clearly defined roles for employees based on their strengths. We created efficiencies in our operations and how we manage our business practices, from new expenditures to standardizing our employee orientation format. I have used these tools to fortify our internal systems and ensure we’re prepared for expansion in the years to come.

Kara Mann

Principal, Kara Mann Design & Kara Mann, LTD

David Olson was able to come into Total Attorneys and lead a transition of financial leadership. He was very effective at stabilizing financial processes, reporting, audit and cash management at a pivotal point in the company’s history.

Ed Scanlan

Founder & CEO, Total Attorneys

My company is in the process of taking a brand new idea in the real estate business and expanding it from a relatively small operation with one client, to a nationwide operation with thousands of clients. I hired Virtual CFOs to help me prepare financial projections for my business plan, to help me get financing for the expansion, and to help plan my growth. What I hadn’t expected was the help I received in other areas – operational plans, sales and marketing strategies, incentive compensation plans. I was surprised by the creativity and insight into all aspects of the business.

Mark Rokos

Founder & President, MultiMarket Real Estate

We needed some help when we were trying to build our own building. We were having trouble getting the funds we needed from the bank so we called Virtual CFOs. They looked at our financials, got things in order for the bank, and we got our money. However, during that process we discovered that we were not in the right financial situation to build our own facility and leasing would be the way to go for a while longer. Thanks to Virtual CFOs we are in a much better financial situation, have a much better future, and a much better plan.

Rob Wenz

President, VisionFriendly.com

I was looking for a certain kind of expertise. I wanted someone who could come in and build sophisticated financial tools. I wanted someone to do the books, but who would educate me as well. Virtual CFOs is perfect for a small company like ours that doesn’t have an in-house CFO.

Jennifer Velarde

Owner, 1154 Lill Studio

My company controller left our company with the standard two weeks notice – while we were in the process of converting to a new ERP system! My Virtual CFO stepped in and filled the void. He worked with our existing accounting staff, and made sure they knew what they needed to know. He helped us rearrange job responsibilities to maximize the contribution of the existing staff. Our transition to the new system went smoothly, and he even created our first set of financial statements from the new system. They allowed us to look at our results from any perspective we wanted – even some we had not thought of. Then, finally, he helped us find a replacement for our controller. What could have been a nightmare for me turned out to be an easy transition. 

Anne Cotter

Owner, Cotter Consulting, Inc.

When my controller of 15 years gave his two weeks’ notice, I engaged Virtual CFO’s to help with the transition. I knew it would take more than two weeks to find a quality replacement, and I didn’t have anyone in-house who could fill the gap. David Olson jumped in with both feet, quickly learning our systems and processes while gaining the trust and respect of those with whom he worked. Simultaneously, David started the search to find a replacement by helping to write the ad, screen applicants, and ultimately presented me with two excellent candidates. Once the replacement controller was selected, David worked with her to get her up to speed and to guide her in her first two weeks. As my company grows, I plan to continue to use Virtual CFO’s as the needs arise. I am very happy with the services that Virtual CFO’s provided and I would recommend them to anyone who needs high quality accounting skills

Andrew Cretors

President, C. Cretors and Company

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