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Virtual CFOs in Schaumburg

A fractional or part time CFO can provide professional financial management while you focus on growing your company.

The Golden Corridor offers amazing opportunities for business success—but if your Schaumburg company has yet to make the most of them, Virtual CFOs is here to help. We offer part-time CFO consulting services that can help you achieve your goals for a more profitable future.


Fractional CFO Consulting

Finding and hiring a full-time CFO is expensive, and the process is time-consuming. And yet, a bad hire costs more and wastes far more time. So, it can be tempting to put off getting a full-time CFO until you can be absolutely sure. Whether your business is not yet in a position to afford a full-time CFO, or you’re between hires, you should still have access to excellent financial management expertise so you can keep moving forward. At Virtual CFOs, our fractional business model helps make moving forward possible.

We have experience helping companies of every size. Your part-time CFO will be someone with specific knowledge of your industry and a good fit for your company culture. When you need financial management help, you get it. And when you don’t need help, you aren’t paying for it. Consulting can happen in your space, or virtually from ours. We’re adaptable. Our goal is your business success.


Become More Profitable

Wherever your business is now, fractional CFO consulting offers a way to streamline operations and systems for better profitability. Virtual CFOs can help you better understand your current position through improved analysis of key financial statistics. We can also bring your accounting records into alignment with GAAP, verify your overall financial health, and evaluate your personnel to identify those who need additional training or mentoring, as well as those who you might want to consider replacing.

With a clear vision of your company’s current situation, you’ll be ready to develop realistic growth plans. Your part-time CFO can help there, too. We can help you devise new strategies for growth, improve cash flow, and construct more effective sales and marketing strategies so you can reach your full potential. With new financial reporting systems in place, you’ll be better situated, if warranted, to secure new lines of credit to take advantage of future opportunities.


Be Prepared for the Future

You may be experiencing unanticipated growth and having trouble keeping up—or you may just want to become more flexible going forward. Your part-time CFO can help you prepare for the future by devising what-if scenarios for a variety of possibilities. Your future might include new markets, new products or services, acquisitions. Whatever your future holds, your Virtual CFO can help you develop, document, and implement your strategy.

A financial management expert can help you prioritize your most profitable services or products while minimizing costs and building a strong foundation for further development. With a part-time CFO, you have stability as you move forward and grow. When the time comes, we can even help you search for the right full-time CFO. 


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