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Virtual CFOs in Lombard

A fractional or part time CFO can provide professional financial management while you focus on growing your company.

Lombard has always been a place for people of vision—but if your company isn’t reaching your goals, Virtual CFOs can help. Through our fractional consulting model, we provide the financial expertise you need, exactly when and where you need it. We have experience working in every industry and with businesses of every size. We offer the combined knowledge of finance and business that you should expect from a qualified CFO, part time or otherwise.


Clarify Today’s Reality

At Virtual CFOs, we can help you gain a clear view of where you are today. If that view is currently unclear, your part-time CFO can analyze your existing accounting and reporting systems and modify or build systems that more effectively measure results.

Your contract CFO will be a complete professional, with experience in your industry, chosen specifically for your company, and with the financial expertise you need to make the most of your financial information. With proper systems in place, you’ll be ready to take advantage of every opportunity and have the knowledge you need to overcome the challenges facing your company.


Take Tomorrow’s First Step

Perhaps your company is doing well overall, but you can’t help wondering if things could be better. Or, maybe you have concerns about the here and now. Whatever your needs, we customize our service to meet those needs and help you get on track.

We can bring your accounting records into alignment with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). That can lead to a more productive conversation with your banker or other source of financing.


Better Cash Flow

With a part-time CFO, you get access to the expertise you need to become more efficient. Whatever your company needs, at Virtual CFOs we can help. It often starts with an accurate cash flow projection. Without that projection, the path you are on is not well lit. 

We can help you streamline operations in ways that make sense for your company, and, if necessary, introduce new procedures and systems to your employees. We can help get everyone on board with your vision of a more profitable future.


Improve Your Outlook

Your part-time CFO can do more than just improve your immediate outlook. Your long-term planning is not complete without projections of potential financial outcomes. This might involve a number of possible scenarios. Your strategy may be sound, but until you identify the important variables, and allow for and project their potential variations, you won’t be fully prepared to proceed. You won’t be fully prepared to alter your path as needed when there is a shift in one or more of those important variables.

With a process in place to track the progression of your plan, you will be prepared to make the adjustments necessary to gain the most from your efforts.



Get the Financial Management Expertise You Need

Whether you have an issue of cash flow, efficiency, or mapping out your plan for the future, Virtual CFOs can help, with the right talent, just when you need it most. Contact Virtual CFOs today and see how your Lombard company can benefit.

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