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A fractional or part time CFO can provide professional financial management while you focus on growing your company.

Chicago is full of large companies with knowledgeable CFOs. But what about the small to mid-sized companies in Chicago? Where do they get financial management expertise? How do they get the support they need to take their company to the next level? The answer to these questions is Virtual CFOs.

At Virtual CFOs, our clients are frequently (but not always) growing Chicago companies that have a need for more advanced financial management expertise, but are not yet in a position to hire a full time CFO. Historically, growing companies have hired financial management at an “appropriate” experience level for their size. As they grow, companies first they hire a bookkeeper, then an accountant, then a controller, each of whom is prepared to handle the day-to-day activity at that particular point in the company’s growth cycle. 

That may be fine for a company that is on a relatively flat growth curve, but a Chicago company with greater growth aspirations needs a well thought-out and documented view of its future. A growing company needs to have a plan covering when it will need more capital to fund its growth, and how it will get it. That is what a Virtual CFO provides, along with better analysis of results, more logical and transparent financial records, a more efficient and profitable operation, and someone (other than the founder) to speak knowledgably about the company’s finances and growth plans with outside parties. Virtual CFOs provides small to mid-sized Chicago companies with CFO level insight and expertise much earlier in their growth cycle, leading to better decisions, better profitability, and faster growth with fewer headaches along the way.

You will benefit from a resource historically available only to larger Chicago companies, at a fraction of the cost. Larger companies can afford the $200K+ salary (plus taxes and benefits). A small to mid-sized company cannot afford that expense, even though the small to mid-sized company must make decisions that are just as important to their future as those being made by the large companies that have the help of their full time CFOs. That is where Virtual CFOs becomes the equalizer. Your small to mid-sized company gets the benefit of an experienced Virtual CFO (or fractional CFO), at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t put it off any longer. Contact Virtual CFOs and put your Chicago company a step closer to moving to that next level. 

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