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Virtual CFOs in Bolingbrook

A fractional or part time CFO can provide professional financial management while you focus on growing your company.

Bolingbrook might be one of Chicago’s younger suburbs, but it’s ahead of the game when it comes to solid business growth. Virtual CFOs is committed to working with your Bolingbrook company to make sure you see the growth you need. We offer companies of any size access to expert financial management on a fractional basis, so you get the support you need exactly when, and only when, you need it.

There When You Need Us

With fractional CFO consulting, your business has an experienced financial management expert on board to enhance efficiency, clarify where you stand, and get you moving towards greater profitability. If you’re not yet ready to begin the hunt for a full-time CFO, or if you haven’t found a suitable candidate, having a part-time CFO means you’re not left without financial direction.

At Virtual CFOs, we have experience in every industry and with businesses of every size. Your part-time CFO will have specific experience in your industry, and we make sure the person you work with is a good fit for you. We work to understand your unique challenges so we can offer solutions that work for you. We can work at your location or virtually, and you only pay for services when you need them.

Strengthen Your Position

A part-time CFO helps you understand where you are through an analysis of your operations and your financial reporting systems. Then, we can help you build an accounting system that more effectively measures your company’s results. We can evaluate how your people are performing, how they could be empowered to perform better, and if any should be replaced to improve the unit’s effectiveness and moral.

A part-time CFO can also bring your accounting records into alignment with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), better organize your ledger and chart of accounts, and improve cash flow. From a stronger position, you’ll be ready to make plans for growth.

Become More Profitable

Fractional CFOs assist you in developing new reporting systems and defining new roles for employees. We can also provide the training your people need to use new systems and know-how to express your vision for positive changes to your people so everyone can be on board and moving forward together.

We can help you categorize and track costs more efficiently so you can prioritize the most profitable services or products and minimize costs. As you gain a better understanding of your position and access to effective reporting systems, you’ll be better able to streamline operations and direct resources efficiently. You’ll be able to identify and stop inefficiencies, and take advantage of opportunities you may not have realized were there.

Look to the Future

Virtual CFOs offers stability as you move forward so you can accomplish your plans for growth. We can even assist you as you search for a full-time CFO when that time comes. If you’re not yet ready for that expense, we can continue to provide a sounding board and financial management expertise on a fractional basis for as long as it makes sense for you.

Move Forward With Virtual CFOs

Whether you are preparing for growth, need to improve immediate cash flow and efficiency, or just need better systems to understand where you are today, we can help. Contact Virtual CFOs today and see how we can help your Bolingbrook business move forward.

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