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David Olson founded Virtual CFOs in 2003 with the idea that Fortune 500 companies are not the only companies that can benefit from experienced financial professionals. He recognized that the impact of a single, critical decision can be more significant for a smaller company than for a larger one. A Virtual CFO fills the role of CFO for smaller companies, giving them a level of financial management expertise that they are not prepared to hire on a full-time basis.

As the first member of Virtual CFOs, Mr. Olson set a standard for the level of skill and experience each subsequent member should have. His 30+ years of experience began with 5 years as an auditor with Arthur Andersen. Those early years provided a unique combination of experiences with auditing, accounting, a very fundamental business approach to serving clients, and the opportunity to work in and learn about many different companies in many different industries. Arthur Andersen taught its auditors first to be business people, and second to be accountants and auditors. That training helped develop an understanding of the factors that help a business succeed.

From Arthur Andersen Mr. Olson moved to private industry where he continued his business education in both small and large companies in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, industrial processing, communications, publishing, commercial services, consumer products, and consumer services. He has been accounting manager, controller, chief financial officer for a $1.1 billion division of a $5 billion company, and vice president & general manager. This is typical of the experience and expertise you can expect from your Virtual CFO.

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